San Antonio, Texas – The San Antonio Commanders have waived the college allocation rights of quarterback Johnny Manziel, announced general manager Daryl Johnston.
“We have decided not to exercise our rights to sign Johnny Manziel as a San Antonio Commander,” said Johnston.
“When I took this job as general manager of the Commanders there were foundational experiences from my career as a player and as a broadcaster that I would not deviate from. There were also things that I would have to learn from my experience on the job. One of the most important things I have already learned is when there is an opportunity to get better … you get better. The challenge is finding the balance in what I know and what I have learned and finding the best solution to get better as a team. I truly believe that the moves necessary to add Johnny to our roster do not make us better at this time.
“I wish Johnny all the best with the Alliance of American Football and we look forward to competing against him in the future.”
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