San Antonio, Texas – Here are a few things that I found that you must know before you enter a strip club.
1. Never show up with just a credit card. Always have cash in your pocket. ATMs have limits and heavy fees.
2. Never wear a belt. Not only is it uncomfortable to the stripper and to you; the stripper will use it to escort you to the stage and whip you with the belt.
3. Don’t go for the cheapest strip club. Don’t go for the best strip club. Go for one in the middle. You pay for what you get.
4. If you don’t want a dance from a stripper, never tell her no. Manufacture a poor excuse. Utilize these easy-to-use examples like, “Not right now.” “I need a drink first.” “I’m waiting for my buddies.”
5. Some may not know, but there is a flat rate per dance per song. Although they may not tell you when the song ends so you have to listen.
6. While getting a lap dance, if you wear glasses, make sure you take them off because it is always awkward to get titties in your face.
7. Do not get suckered in to buying strippers drinks. Not only will it attract them like flies to shit, it will add up pretty dang quick.
8. Leave your phone in your pocket. You’ll never get any interest if you’re staring at your phone.
9. Go with at least one other person. You don’t want to be there by yourself looking like a perv.
10. Expect to leave broke and drunk.
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