Last year the Steelers showed their hand unfortunately. Now obviously, the goal was the playoffs and to make a run, and why not? The defense was terrific and among the best in the league. They have a great offensive line and some real play makers on offense. The issue was they didn’t have a QB to guide the team. Mason Rudolph was injured and showed that he was struggling to get anyone sort of chemistry with anyone. Devlin Hodges was for the most part a complete mess and isn’t a starting QB in this league. For some reason this team has a major issue grading QB’s. They have failed miserably to address the contingency plan when Big Ben finally can’t lace them up anymore. Where do they go from here?

Ben is 38 and coming off yet another injury. What’s the plan for when he ultimately gets injured or retires? They don’t have one and honestly it’s a real shame. This team’s defense is on another level and is Super Bowl good. But that’s not gonna be the case for many years on end. For a team that’s hit time and time again finding defensive studs, they flat out blow looking for QB’s. Josh Dobbs, Landry Jones, Mason Rudolph, Paxton Lynch, Devlin Hodges? Come on man.

Whether you go get Jameis Winston for the inevitable time when your going to need him. Mike Tomlin would be the perfect guy to mentor and teach him how to be a pro and to get the most out of him. I’m not sure, but the continued charade and failure at finding a QB will inevitably come back and bite the Steelers. I mean it already has.

I just hope Ben plays well and stays healthy, because damn that defense is top notch. We will see.

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