5. Victory over rival UNT 76-74
Talk about a fun game. The entire time we were on the edge of our seats. At this point we weren’t exactly what we were going to be this season yet, but we had a good view of where we were headed. The last second shot by Jhivan was what sealed it for the Runners. At this time Keaton and him hadn’t started scoring the way they are now. They combined for 28 points.
4. Back to Back Wins against the other Orange and Blue team (UTEP)
Before the action packed game versus the Not So Mean Green, the Runners had a back to back series with the Miners of ole UTEP’s way. We Smacked ’em both times. The win against UTEP in the HISTORIC Convocation Center started off what would be an incredible run of being undefeated against conference teams when we played in the 210. After that win, we got on the road and took the long train to El Paso just to wind up beating them again. Needless to say, UTEP is bad, but it always feels nice to beat your twin brother.
3. Huge win over the Hated Marshall Herd 116-106
Marshall has played the Lex Luthor to UTSA’s Superman many times before, but not this time. For the first part of the game, it seemed like the Herd had our number yet again but thanks to a late rally spurred by a WHOPPING 75 points from UTSA’s Splash Brothers, Keaton and Jhivan the Runners pulled through in this overtime thriller. By this point, the Bad Birds from Babcock had already hit their stride, and hopes of going dancing where within reason.
2. Birds fall to WKU dispute Herculean Effort from Jackson
This game was important because this taught the Runners that they too are human. After the all time greatest comeback in school history (don’t worry I’ll get to that), it was good for the Boys in Blue and Orange to get a reality check and realize that they are human. The real kicker about this game, aside from the utter pain of the fall off the mountain that was “The Comeback” that Jhivan scored like an absolute machine this game too. Real shame. But it was for the best I feel.
1. “The Comeback”
We were down and out this entire game. In the beginning we had hope to win, at the half, we were just glad we were competing, and at the beginning of the second half, we just wanted it to be over. At one point, the Runners were down by 18 whole points, we had a 99.9% probability of losing the game, all hope was lost. Then the threes started falling, the Monarchs started missing there shots. Then, Jackson hit an acrobat 2-pointer, the pass that will go down as the worst pass in ODU history, the steal by Byron “The Big Man” Frohnen, then The Shot Heard Around the 210. Keaton hit that shot like he was messing around in his backyard. When the ball left his hands every person in the Historic Convo knew it was going in. I’ve seen some great things in UTSA Athletics, but this day was the single greatest thing this Roadrunner has ever seen.
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Go Runners!
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