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A few days ago, me and some friends went to TopGolf. Now, if you know anything about me I historically HATE  TopGolf. But last night was different, I finally had an enjoyable time.

I know what your thinking, Taco Joe, How could anyone hate TopGolf? It’s such an enjoyable and fun activity that you can do with your friends? Well if I’m being totally honest I’m not what most would call an athlete, as much as I love sports, I’m generally bad at them, golf being one of those. So naturally, I despise TopGolf. Why would I pay like $98 dollars an hour to do something I just flat out don’t like?? It just doesn’t make any sense.

If you follow me on twitter (@tacojoe_) you’re bound to see me talking about my good friend Conner. Now Conner is a golfer. He loves hitting the range, and watching golf, so as a Golfer does, he loves TopGolf.

The Bad Birds and I were invited to play in UTSA Baseball’s annual golf tournament this year. Since the tournament was on Friday  Conner decided that we should all go practice sometime before so we don’t make total fools of ourselves. We went to TopGolf’s College night and we started hitting. He showed me how to hit for what felt like the 13th time and then I just started doing it. Before I knew it i had hit 20 balls in a row, and I just didn’t want to stop. I just kept chipping away at the ball with his 8 Iron, I must have averaged about 100 yards a hit so nothing fancy but I was just having so much fun.

The only issue is that on the day of the tournament I felt incredibly sick so I didn’t get to enjoy golf to the full extent. We’ll have to see in the future if I actually do like it. In the meantime, I’m a golfer now.

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