Tomorrow the New York Mets catchers and pitchers report to Spring Training. It is very hard to legitimately care about this. Its almost impossible for a South Texas Football fan like me to actually get excited about a 162 game season. YEAH FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DIDN’T KNOW IT, THE MLB SEASON LASTS ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO GAMES. It’s ludicrous. Don’t get me wrong, in the dead of summer when there’s nothing better than a good Red Sox, or Met’s game. Baseball as a whole is a very entertaining sport, but it just does not matter for a good third of the season.
I’m a pretty big San Antonio Spurs fan but it’s very hard to care about a non rival game before the All-Star break. And this is coming from a San Antonio Native, Spurs fan since birth! I’ve seen every Championship they have ever won, and it’s still hard to care before February.
So when in a ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO game season am i supposed to care??? I don’t really know, but what I can say is that in no way is it when the pitchers and catchers report in February when the games don’t even KIND OF matter until like June!
I like watching baseball, and I probably will have some games on in the background on March 20th, but in no way will I actually care.
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