I May Have Finally Come Around On Musicals

by Austin Donnelly
Given how much I love music, you would expect me to at least appreciate musicals, but truth be told I really can’t stand them. When I’m watching a movie, I prefer it to not be interrupted by useless musical numbers that don’t need to be there. I typically don’t like the music itself either because of how it can be so extra and cheesy at times. However, this blog is not a complaining blog. This is the start of a tale of character development and growth for me.
When I was on the plane headed over to Germany a couple weeks ago, I decided to finally give a musical a chance. I had heard parts of the titular track from The Greatest Showman before and kind of enjoyed it, so on a whim I decided to give the movie a chance. And from the opening scene till the end I had a blast. Sure the plot wasn’t the most inventive plot of all time, but the actors were having a blast and the songs reflected that enjoyment. I wasn’t sitting there waiting for the songs to be over so the plot could continue, I wanted more songs because I was just that into them. I don’t know how to explain it. They aren’t as cheesy as a lot of musical soundtracks can be, they were actually something that I would listen to out of the context of the movie. Needless to say, it has to say something that before I had the idea to write this, I was unironically listening to the soundtrack on Spotify.
I know that The Greatest Showman isn’t the most critically acclaimed musical there is, but there’s just something magical in this movie for me. I enjoyed every character, every dance number, every song, and never wanted the movie to end. Maybe this is the start of a new era for me. At the time of writing this, I am planning on seeing Rocketman tomorrow (which I heard is a musical), so I’ll see if I truly can enjoy musicals now. Now excuse me while I go and listen to The Greatest Showman soundtrack again.
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