Yesterday, I decided to memorialize, in the form of “poorly edited Valentine’s Day cards,” the greatest Men’s Basketball team that UTSA has ever had. The results were marvelous.
Let’s break them down 1 by 1.
Here we have star Guard Jhivan Jackson.
I toyed with the idea of using the lyrics to the hit Outkast song “Ms. Jackson” but that would’ve been too convoluted. I decided to go with a phrase that has graced posters for players all over America for decades.
For the second card I decided to try my hand at portraying Fan-Favorite Toby Van Ry in a proper fashion. Toby, known for his lovable nature and his stunning athletic abilities doesn’t need fancy catch phrases or poems to win over the hearts of thousands. So I kept it simple.
For Keaton I decided that a sturdy confidence in his scoring ability is the way to go. Since 45 points in a game is quite the herculean feat, I phrased it to be as though this was just another day in the gym for Keaton, because it is.
Last, but by no means least, we have “The Italian Stallion” himself, Giovanni de Nicolao. Whenever the Perfection from Padua scores the fans of the Roadrunners chant “Mamma Mia.” This one speaks for itself.
Happy Valentines day to you and yours
Go Runners.
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