I love the Cake Meme

by Taco Joe

There’s been this video floating around the internet for what seems like forever of a person cutting into a seemingly regular object (that is almost always not cake), then when they take the slice out. Low and behold whatever that thing that you knew for sure wasn’t a cake, is in fact a cake. Some highlights included a Bulldog, a raw oyster, shoes of various styles, fruits, vegetables, and my [personal favorite A SLICE OF CAKE THAT WHEN YOU CUT IT OPEN… ITS A CAKE.

Lately, these videos have reentered the internet zeitgeist and have spawned a slew of text-based memes all revolving around the central premise of not knowing whether or not basic every day things are actually cake in hiding. People started wondering if their friends and family are actually cake, and hysteria began to spread.

Soon enough, folks with basic graphic design skills began to edit pictures of people, buildings, cartoons, and tons of other things to make them look like they’re actually cake.

I probably over-explained the joke at this point, but I’m a blogger and ruining jokes is what we do. Enjoy a cultivated gallery of my favorite ones I’ve seen so far.


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