San Antonio, TX – There I said it. And I know what I said, that I like it and not that I love it. It’s been one game. But let me tell you this much, it was a fun game. Genuinely good football was played. Founder Charlie Ebersol was confident in the things he could see before the fist snap last night. In my one on one interview he said “I know the field will be painted, cause I’ve seen it painted, I know all the jerseys will look really good because I’ve seen all the jerseys and helmets, and I know that the players and the coaches will be of the highest professional grade that anyone’s ever had for spring football…” Guess what Charlie that first game was a lot of fun. I never wanted to leave my seat, the football was genuinely fun to watch, the crowd was active and God Bless whoever thought of the horse for when the team takes the field. My seatmates around me were buzzing when we saw him charge out of the tunnel.
We sat there pondering what we where watching and wondering if we were apart of something truly special. The Salt Lake City fan who was chirping me from a few rows back was a good sign for the Alliance, because it means people might just actually care about this thing. We might finally have another football league.
Now let’s get to the game. The hit that The Great Shaan Washington had in the first quarter had every man woman and child up on their feet. That hit was heard around the world. The sweat and spit that came from the Fleet’s QB Bercovici might just be the water that causes the plant that is the AAF to grow and become legit. We are a defensive team, we are a passing team, but we are a team still trying to find its identity. The whole Alliance is trying to find its identity. The TD that Farrow caught was only the beginning, I’m just excited to be apart of the ride.
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