I Hate the Clippers New Court Design

by Taco Joe

This is just a bad court design. It’s not all terrible, in fact, some of it is really cool and embraces a different side of Los Angeles, but the general lack of color just looks like a knock off Nets/Spurs court.

For the Nets, black being the primary color scheme for the court because for the longest time, they were the big apple’s second fiddle. Now that Kyrie and KD are in town (I know he’s coming back in a year but he’s still there) the Black and White scream look at me.

For the Spurs, Black, White, and Silver make sense, because well San Antonio Professional basketball is simple and functional. Nothing in the world, save a Cowboy’s Super Bowl or a UTSA National Title would bring me more joy than a genuine in-game Fiesta Jersey for the Spurs, but I love the Black, White and Silver. I love the Spurs, and fundamental, team basketball is my favorite type of play, but no one is going to say that the Spurs are a flashy team. Black White and Silver make sense for this franchise because it’s who we are.

For the Clippers, however, I’m not a fan. The Clips have one of the best color schemes in sports. Their shades of red and blue are so flashy and loud that it can’t be mistaken for a Detroit or even a Philly combo. This court is flat out boring. It isn’t fun to look at and it makes me feel like I’m watching the Nets play. The Clippers are a vibrant young team with a great future, and not using the colors of the Clippers is a crime.Image result for Los Angeles clippers court

Like I said earlier, it’s not all bad. I’m in love with the Alternate “GTA” font Los Angeles, it really embraces the proud Low Rider Culture of LA, but like I said, its an alternate and the usual logo takes the soul out of the old Clippers logo. The red free-throw circle and the blue three-point line are nice uses of the colors, but since its such a thin line, there just isn’t enough.

As a lifelong San Antonio Spurs fan, who wants nothing more than to see my team use the Fiesta Colors on a uniform, it kills me to see another team with a great color scheme abandon it for plain black and white.

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