I am Very Excited about the Joker

by Taco Joe
The first real trailer of Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the iconic character looks INCREDIBLE. I’m a big Phoenix fan so anything he does I’m usually a fan of. Watch it here.
Not only does he make the Clown Prince of Crime out to be a deranged, beaten psychopath, he does it with so much ease and serenity that it’s honestly so terrifying.
The one bad day theory looks to be alive and well. There is definitely going to be a breaking point in this film where he goes from beaten and defeated loser, to the most notorious villain in all of comics.
Every second of this trailer is riveting. The music is fantastic, the transition that he goes through, the characters that he interacts with, all of it is glorious. It’s going to be hard to not sympathize with the Joker for the course of this movie.
Me and some friends have been thinking lately, and we decided to start a new video series here on Pub Sports Radio, based on things like this “One Bad Day Theory” and other Batman related concepts. So look out for things to come.
The Joker comes out October 4th and I’m planning on being first in line.
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