Generally most of my thoughts on this blog site and various social media center mostly around sports. Occasionally I share the music I love or what I’m eating or an old Wire or Sopranos quote. Today I gotta tell you about my new addiction and why you need to go watch it. There isn’t much about TV that moves the needle with me. Personally, The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy lead it above everything else by a wide margin…… BUT…. I now have a new addition to that esteemed list.

You need to go sit down, get on Netflix and watch the gritty TOP BOY. It’s incredible.  It’s a show that many thought was gone for a long time, until Drake revived it and now we have it back. Yes, that Drake. I guess I knew at some point he would do something good. I’m not a fan of his music but thats another story. It’s an UK show filled with colorful characters and UK slang. You’ll hear blud, bruv, and innit more than you ever thought you would.  Everything about it is London, the London that you don’t know about. You won’t see Big Ben, the Queen or fish and chips.

Top Boy set in the gritty streets of East London, and the first two seasons which ended in 2013 were 8 total episodes centered around two drug dealers in the notorious Summerhouse housing estate. Think of a younger more violent Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell. It follows them on there quest to become the Top Boys of the estate and the neighborhood. A “top boy” is English slang for the leader of the drug gang and of the neighborhood. It is derived from back in the day when football hooligans created firms. The leader of the firm was the “top boy.” Anyways, not only does the show center around Duschane and Sully, but the others effected in the estate. The addicts, the single mothers, the young kids trying to avoid the street and center their lives as the temptations of quick money and support that there not getting at home is magnified. The first two seasons also tell the story of Ra’Nell and Gem, two friends from the estate that have to decide whether its drugs, knife crime and prison or football, family and school that consume them. The first two seasons are short, yet captivating. I was sad to see it go.

But then in 2018, we had a life line. There were rumors that the show now off the air for 5 years was coming back. It would involve most of the same characters now 5 years older in the same environment, also with new characters that are involved in different ways. I was happier than a pig in shit… this amazing show is back with TEN new episodes with even likely more seasons to follow. The main stars Ashley Walters and English rapper Kano are magnificent in the show and many times, I found myself saying WOW. The story lines aren’t too complicated with too many characters which is good. It’s something that’s done far too often. In fact it was one of my big problems with Sons of Anarchy. Top Boy is succinct and filled with gritty real world issues that leave you feeling satisfied at the end of the season that your yearning for more.

For the first time since the Wire went off TV in 2006, I found myself saying WOW, this is Wire good. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take 6 years for season 4. Top Boy is brilliant and you must go watch it. Just make sure you watch the first two seasons, you won’t be sorry.


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