How To Beat the Heat in Texas

by Claire Coburn

How To Beat the Heat in Texas

Any native Texan (or southerner for that matter) knows that Texas summers are absolutely brutal. With numerous days that break 100 degrees and heat indexes being well over 100 degrees regularly, staying cool can be a struggle, especially if you do not have access to a personal or community pool. However, living in Texas for my entire life has exposed me to some rather hidden spots that not even the California influx has found yet. Here are some of my favorite places to beat the heat!

Wimberley, a small town in between Kyle and San Marcos, holds some of the most beautiful and refreshing places to cool off during the summer heat. 7A Ranch and Pioneer Town allows up to 50 guests per day to swim in their portion of the Blanco river. You can float, swim, kayak, paddle-board, and more in their section of the Blanco River. Another spot is the infamous Blue Hole, where you now make a reservation for one half of a day to swim in the spring fed water as well as enjoy the surrounding scenery. The final Wimberley destination is Jacobs Well, which has a historically bad rep for being the place where divers never made it out of the underwater caverns. However, today it is mostly filled with people just hanging out on the surface with their floats, and dangerous diving areas are blocked off indefinitely.

Image: Jacobs Well in Wimberley, Texas
Image: Voyage Nation

Right outside of Wimberley in San Marcos, you can float the San Marcos river or just hang out at Sewell Park. You can hop in the river to cool off or play at the sand volleyball courts available to the public at the park. A little further outside of San Marcos is the Comal River in New Braunfels, where you can enjoy a roughly 2 hour float with a view of the infamous Texas waterpark Schlitterbahn.

Image: Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas
Image: Hill Country Outdoors

The state capital Austin also has a variety of swimming areas. Barton Springs is arguably the most popular place to go swim in Austin, with the temperatures staying in the 60’s year round. You can also visit Lake Travis or Lake Austin to paddle-board, kayak, or even rent a boat or jet-ski for the day. Hamilton Pool is also a popular spot, but you do have to make a reservation to go.

Image: Lake Austin in Austin, Texas
Image: Lake Austin Spa

There are tons of other areas to swim and beat the heat in Texas, but these are just a few popular options in the Central Texas area. So get your swimsuit and get swimming!

Claire Coburn is an Intern Writer for Pub Sports Radio, and Valamayo Social & Digital Marketing.

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