Hot Take: The NFC East is So Bad I Actually Enjoy Watching It

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Hot Take: the NFC East is So Bad I Actually Enjoy Watching It

Yes, I’ve said it, and I lied lmaooooooo. The division that might actually hoist a team with a losing record and is subsequently rewarded with a home playoff game, is somewhat (not) enjoyable to watch.

The NFC East contains the cesspool of teams scattered around the Northeastern part of the USA and Dallas…Honestly, never understood quite why the Cowboys are in that division, but no matter what records each team possesses, the history behind each team provides juicy matchups with the Washington Redskins, New York Giants, and Philadelphia Eagles are always primetime TV. 

Multiple scenarios floating around that that could see Dallas, Philly, and even (yes) Washington in the playoffs, so here’s how it can happen, and what I actually predict might happen for each team. 


Welp, bad news Giants fans, sitting at a cringeworthy 2-10, you are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. Better luck next year ☹. 

On the bright side, the somewhat consistent play from Daniel Jones and a young an upstart beast in Saquon Barkley will be a young core to keep an eye out in the future. For this off-season, the Giants should be looking to protect the young man behind center and give him some new pieces around the offense front to go to work with. 

(W/L) Prediction for the Rest of the Season 

@Eagles: L Final Record: 3-12 

Dolphins: W

@ Redskins: L

Eagles: L 



I’m going to be brutally honest with you, I think I’ve watched like 1 Redskins game and it was against the Cowboys. I  had fallen asleep during like the 2nd quarter and the game was over once I arose from my slumber. I do know that AP I still doing his thang and getting carries in the backfield. A young QB in Dwayne Haskins took over mid-season. Don’t really care that much to follow up, but I do remember seeing that one video on twitter of him getting reasonably upset with his offense line and by the looks of it he had no support from that one. Oh, and I do know they have the “best” owner in sports. I have to give them credit on that. Jay Gruden is for hire. 

They sit at a record of 3-9, but if somehow Dallas loses out, Philly only wins 1 out of their next 4, and Washington wins out, the skins advance onto the divisional round with a 7-9 record. Fat chance that happens, but ya never know!

(W/L) Prediction for the Rest of the Season 

@ Packers: L Final Record: 4-12


Giants: W

@ Cowboys: L


Talk about a team with an endless amount of opportunities to blow the door open and take control of the division but they’ve blown it every single time. This team is meh. The average play by Carson Wentz hindered by a shaky WR core that is ok at times but hasn’t really lived up to the expectations.

They’ve lost their last 3 in a row including a somewhat embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins. They just can’t seem to build consistency throughout.  I do think they will bounce back these next couple weeks and it will all come down to containing the offense challenge that Dallas presents in wk. 17. They are 1 game behind Dallas, so they will also have to rely on the slip up’s… but ya know it’s Dallas… bound to happen. 


(W/L) Prediction for the Rest of the Season Final Record: 8-8 

Vs Giants: W 

@ Redskins: W

Vs Cowboys: L

@ Giants: W



Man, let me tell you. My Thanksgiving dinner was enjoyable. I had some scrumptious stuffing, bumping mash potatoes, and I slobbered it all down with a little bit of turkey.  It was a pleasurable moment. You know what was not pleasurable moment, watching the Cowboys getting trounced on the greatest football holiday there is.

My moment was then ruined by the clouded smokescreen that is around Dallas. Cole Beasley, I still love you B. I do not know what to say, but all I will say is this team is way much better than a 6-6 record. Changes have to be made and I think we all know where that starts… 

(W/L) Prediction for the Rest of the Season

Final Record: 9-7 

@ Bears: W 

Vs Rams: L

@ Eagles: W

Vs Redskins: W 

Who knows what may happen, but I do know that I will have my TV ready. 




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