“Hello, my name is The San Antonio Comedy Scene, Nice to meet you.”

by Pub Sports Radio

– Meghan Noelle

Who’s your favorite comedian?

Everyone has an answer to this. You’ll hear a lot of people answer with Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, or Dave Chappelle. It’s easy to pick from the long line of Netflix specials that have been rolling out over the last few years.

Now who is your favorite local comedian?

A lot of people will draw a blank at this question. The accessibility of clicking a button isn’t usually an option for this type of comedic experience.

However, all those names listed in the first question, started out as someone’s local comedian.

Texas has had an extreme growth in the comedy field over the last couple years. Many may think that this type of entertainment is exclusive to performance hubs like Austin, but San Antonio’s stand-up comedy scene’s roots are branching out day by day. Through several open mics and showcases, San Antonio has been able unearth the funniest people that the city has to offer.

On the day you are reading this there is some type of comedy event occurring. Any given day of the week the local comedy scene is somewhere producing a show. Bars and restaurants that you may frequent house these weekly and monthly comedy nights and are available to the public. Tickets to these events tend to be in the price range of free to $10 and feature comics from your community that have jokes tailored to every walk of life.

As an audience member you have some fun choices. You could opt to attend an open mic night that has professional and amateur comedians performing. These types of shows are completely free for the audience and do not have drink minimums. Open mics tend to have more of a laid-back atmosphere and have some the best drink specials in the city. Grabbing a group of friends and heading out to an open mic during the week can be an exciting experience. The undisclosed line up gives you an element of surprise and helps you get the first taste of the comics that many have not gotten to see yet. Locations such as Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club, Jokesters 22, and Oak Hill Tavern have weekly open mics to attend free of charge.

The second option is to attend a showcase. In these shows there will be a predetermined line up. Most, if not all, of these comics have a bit of stand-up comedy experience and are ready to deliver their best jokes on their roster. These local shows range in price and are usually in an untraditional location. Within San Antonio they vary from breweries, basements, and UFC arenas. The locations give each show its own unique ambiance and shows the numerous DIY approaches which is common within the scene. A comedy showcase is a great alternative outing for friends and couples who love to laugh together.

These events are literally always happening. The comedy scene here in San Antonio creates these entertainment options with you as a viewer in mind and as an audience member myself, I encourage everyone to attend at least one show to support their local comedy scene.

A show is nothing without an audience and San Antonio’s shows are nothing without you.

You can stay up to date by following the San Antonio comedy Instagram: SATXComedy

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