God Bless Cleveland Ohio: Browns New Threads Don’t Stink

by Taco Joe

Back to our roots': Cleveland Browns reveal new uniforms

These are uniforms. They’re easy, they’re cool and they represent their city perfectly. Let’s go one by one.

Cleveland Browns reveal new uniforms Now, this is something I can get behind. The Browns, erm brown, is really nice. It’s almost leather-like in its chocolate tones. The contrast of the bright white and orange, on top of that brown, is iconic, and I would go as far as to say this is one of the best home jerseys for the upcoming season. 8/10 on this one Brownies. Good on you.

Now the road Whites are where I’m most excited. 2020 Browns Uniform Reveal | NFL.com

If you’ve been following these Uniform reviews that I’ve been doing you’ll know that Road Whites are supposed to be boring. But these? They still are, but I really enjoy them. Mostly cause I’m a sucker for anything “Throwback” and these brown pants are as classic as it gets. They might as well be brown sacks that the boys back in the 20’s played in.  The Browns signature orange/brown orange/white stripes on the socks are fantastic. I’m so happy with these. 10/10 Brownies even better on you.

These uniforms are easy, they’re functional, and they look good. They depict the hardworking people of the Land. They bring back images of the past while preparing for a brand new future in Cleaveland. This new combo that the Browns are going to sport is a perfect representation of the city they play in.

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