Global K-Pop star Seungri, who is a part of the massively successful K-Pop group BigBang, is being investigated for prostitution back in 2015. On February 26, a news outlet called SBS funE reported “We have obtained a KakaoTalk (mobile instant messenger) conversation between Seungri, singer C, Representative Yoo of Yuri Holdings (an investment company Seungri was preparing to establish), and an Employee Kim.” The text messages show that Seungri instructed an employee to “prepare a spot in the main area of Club Arena and call the girls.” Another text message says “I’m getting the prostitutes ready right now, so when two prostitutes come, you (Employee Kim) guide them and make sure they get to the hotel room safely.” Employee Kim responded, “Yes. I sent the two men [to the room].” The overall message of the text messages was that Seungri was using prostitutes to secure investors. Seungri has written a letter denying the allegations claiming the text messages were fabricated, while his company YG Entertainment wrote this statement: “ “Hello, this is YG Entertainment. Here is our statement regarding today’s article about Seungri. Upon checking with the artist himself, the text messages in the article are fabricated and not true. In addition, just as we have always done, we inform you that we will take strong legal action against the proliferation and reproduction of rumors and fake news.” Although both Seungri and YG Entertainment have denied the allegations and are claiming that the text messages are fake, YG’s stock price took a hard hit after the scandal broke. Their stock prices dropped 4.95% the day the news broke, and has since still been under its steady amount by 4.42%.
As of now, Seungri has announced that he will work with the police on the investigation, as he stated in his own personal letter addressing the controversy. This isn’t the first time Seungri has been in this type of controversy though. The club “Burning Sun” which was associated with Seungri, was shut down earlier this month due to a police investigation that unearthed drug use and sexual abuse.
Claire Coburn is an Intern Writer for Pub Sports Radio
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