Look, I’m not crazy about the writers over there in the Paisano’s Sports section. I appreciate what they do for the school, but I’ve been vocal in the past about my opinions about their shortcomings. I’m not sure if they watch our games, I disagree with their takes often, but they knocked this one out of the park for my guy Gio.
Should he be player of the week however? No, that should go to Keaton or Jhivan like usual, Giovanni should be the player of the year.
The article is pretty straight forward. Written by a buddy of mine Jack Myer its a fairly straightforward recap of an interview he did with De Nicolao. It highlights his major statistics, it tells of his accomplishments at the school and from earlier in his basketball career, but the thing that gets me is his smiling face, right on the cover of the sports section. It’s all I’ve ever wanted for Gio, for the UTSA world to give him the credit he deserves. He’s the X factor on the team, he’s the Manu Ginobili to Jhivan and Keaton’s Tony Parker, he’s the thing that makes this team special.
Good job Paisano. Thank you for shining a light on one of UTSA’s brightest stars.
Check out the article in this weeks Paisano, available in stands all around UTSA.
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