On naming sophomore Frank Harris the starting quarterback for UIW … 
Frank Harris will be the starter. A very, very tough decision for us. We thought that it was very competitive. There were days where other guys looked very well. We do believe that we have four quarterbacks that are competent and prepared enough to go into a game and be productive for us. At the end of the day the consistency of production, throughout a spring season, a summer program and a fall camp, were the things that we looked for. We think that Frank Harris, at this time, gives us our best opportunity for our offense to move down the field. We’ve got other guys that will continue to vie and compete, to give us the quality as we know a year ago, we went through four quarterbacks. Hopefully it doesn’t result to that but certainly we feel much more confident in the quality of depth that we have at that position.”

From  UTSA Athletics

Oh, thank the good Lord above.

Last football season our hearts, hopes, and dreams, were shattered into a million little 3-9 sized pieces when Harris went down during camp. When the season started, interceptions, bad throws, and all-around disappointing football were all we had. Then Bryce Rivers betrayed us, The Kicker who will not be named went to “Greener Pastures” and the 2019 season looked grim, to say the least.

Then during spring training, the kid from Clemens started reminding people who he was. Frank was the stand-out QB for pretty much all of spring, he’s all any of us UTSA writers, fans, and students talked about when it came to this team. No one wanted anyone but Frank Harris to suit up for the QB1 spot, but until today no one truly knew.

There had been rumors that Grundy was making a case for himself during the spring and summer, and that some of the other backups had been making some noise, but all of us saw the trials of last year, and we all know that there is only one man for this job.

There is so much more this team needs to do to be contenders in this conference again as they were in 2014-2016 but this is a fantastic start. The consistency in the quarterback position will solidify this offense, and Harris’s dual-threat play style is sure to excite.

There will be a heavy burden to keep Frank safe by the offensive line, but with most of them returning, and some pretty decent depth I’m sure we will be much happier with the product on the field.

This year will test all of us, fans and players alike, but if we can be competitive against the P5 schools, eek out a few wins on the road against teams like UNT and ODU and have good home games against USM and FAU the Bad Birds from Babcock might just see a Bowl Game.

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