Flashback to the Beginning of the Decade

by Pub Sports Radio


What a decade the 10’s was for me. I went from begging my mother to buy me Silly bands and Snapback hats, to my mother begging me not to buy beers and hoons. This decade was something else and will be a stepping-stone that I can look back at and cherish upon. 

As I went through a stroll on memory lane earlier, I realized something though… 

Without the documentation of photos and Facebook memories, I really had a hard time remembering what happened throughout not only my life but in the world around me. So, I hopped in my DeLorean and opened up a tab through Wikipedia. 9, almost 10 years ago, was a wild beginning of a decade, so I thought I share. 

NFL: (2010 season) Aaron Rodgers solidified his place in Packers history by defeating Big Ben’s Pittsburg Steelers team in Super Bowl 45 at the house that Jerry built. Most notably, that season also had THAT one running play with Marshawn lynch. You know THAT run. 

NBA: (Same with the NFL the NBA season overlaps two years, so I’ll just look at when a majority of the season takes place in) The Lakers took home the latter half of their back to back titles in 09-10 defeating the east coast rivals in the Boston Celtics. 

Notably, the biggest storyline of that season wasn’t even on the court, as the KING of the NBA, at the time, created a legendary shakeup that would have major implications on how the landscape and the culture of today’s game are even played out in. 

“I’m going to be taking my talents to South Beach” and the rest was history. 

MLB: This was somewhat a weird time for the MLB. I argue that it was one of the weakest times for the talent pool in the MLB. It just felt… meh… The San Francisco Giants started their early 10’s dominance led by a crafty pitching staff of Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, and even Matt Cain. 

NHL: I don’t really watch Hockey lmaooooo but go Vegas Golden Knights! (I only tune in during playoff time, so I hope they make it this year) 

Soccer: HMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM HMMMMMM (Horn Noises). Y’all remember those annoying Vuvuzela’s? I still have one somewhere in the dark realms of my childhood attic. 2010 was a bustling year for soccer as the world was tuned in for the greatest sports spectacle in the world. The 19th edition of the World Cup was hosted by the nation of South Africa and the United States took home… an “at least you tried” award. They did have some really cool moments though as it was one of the first times I collective watched soccer and was drawn to the sport after that. The 90’ min goal scored by Landon Donovon against Algeria was pretty dope as was the complete blunder that the English GK Robert Greene had in which resulted in a 1-1 draw between the two. The nation of Spain took home the title as the “golden generation” of Spanish football as it was carried by soccer legends Cesc Fabregas, Xavi, David Villa … just to name a few.  


Tiger Woods was one of the biggest headlines of 2010 not for his on the course actions but for his off the course fiascos. His personal life’s perils were out in the media as his nasty divorce became a script straight out of a movie and broadcasted everywhere in the media world. 

The Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, Canada. Lindsey Vonn shredded some gear, Shaun White was plowing some fresh pow, and the American’s almost beat the Canadians in their own sport. Got to give the brothers up north a bone every once in a while, eh? 

Gordon Hayward and Butler almost shocked the world by becoming one of the lowest-seeded teams to win the NCAA Basketball championship, as they took basketball blue blood Duke down to the wire… the most notable part of that game was the half-court shot that ALMOST banked in. 

Alabama’s resurgence to College football dominance began that year too as they defeated the University of Texas 37-21 in the Rose Bowl. I still have faith in my theory, had Colt McCoy not been injured and sidelined for the rest of the game after the 1st drive, there might have been a different outcome for not only that game, but for the future that followed Texas football in the latter half of the decade.  

It was a crazy decade; hope I can remember more of the next one (probably not) 



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