Five Things You Need For UFC Fight Island

by Pub Sports Radio

Five Things You Need For UFC Fight Island

By: Clint MacLean (@DieHardMMAPod)



UFC 251 is nearly upon us!! We have struggled through 2 full weeks without MMA, and the promise of one of the best cards we have ever seen on paper is looming. Masvidal has stepped in to replace Gilbert Burns and taken the title shot that was rightfully his in the first place, we have 3 title fights on the first card on the island, and we have three events in just ten days to kick off an incredible month! We really cannot ask for more as UFC fans, and I am beyond stoked for the coming weeks. But what can we do as fans to prep for this momentous occasion? With COVID still running rampant, most of us have limited options, and we don’t have to jump on a plane and fly to Abu Dhabi or anything (even though most of us would), but there’s got to be something right? Well, you are in the right place! Here are five things that you need for Fight Island.


1. You Seatbelt

Buckle up buttercup!!! This is about to be one hell of a ride! We are all focused intently on UFC 251 coming this Saturday and the return of Street Jesus, but that’s just the start!! Wednesday, 7/15, we are treated to a potential contender eliminator fight between Calvin Kattar and Dan Ige.  On that Wednesday card, we are going to see the long-anticipated return of one of the hardest hitters in MMA today in Abdul Razak Alhassan who is coming off a long lay off against a UFC newcomer in Mounir Lazzez who will be willing to stand and bang! The following Saturday, we will get to see the rematch between Joseph Benavidez and Deiveson Figueiredo for the vacant Flyweight title. The first fight was an absolute slobber-knocker and ended in controversy after Deiveson missed weight, and an accident headbutt leads to Benavidez being KO’d. On that card will also be Jack Hermansson taking on Kelvin Gastelum in what will be a critical “get right” fight for one of these would-be contenders in the middleweight division. Also fighting on 7/18 will be two high caliber strikers in Marc Diakiese and Rafael Fiziev, which is a fight between men who just aren’t getting enough spotlight, in my humble opinion. After that, there is Whittaker vs. Till, Glover vs. Santos, Brunson vs. Shahbazyan, & Stipe vs. Cormier 3! The next few months will be EPIC.


2. Fireball (Or your drink of choice)

If you tune into the Pub Sports Radio fight night streams (and you should because why wouldn’t you?), you know that we like to celebrate the wins. We might not be able to go to these events live, and as much as we would like to believe our favorite fighters can hear us screaming not to tap through our TVs, the sad truth is we can’t do much to cheer them on. What we can do, however, is enjoy ourselves. Especially if you are a sports bettor and you have action on these fights a shot after a win, and two shots after a loss sure do help crank the work up during a night of fights. Especially when you are hanging out with us live on Youtube! Whether you’re enjoying a beer, drinking a margarita with an umbrella in it, or doing shots with us live on stream this week, we are going to make sure our livers get a workout in. Just make sure you eat right and exercise the rest of the week to make up for it.


(Please drink responsibly and don’t forget to pick up a Fireball and Popcorn shirt)

Fireball & Popcorn Die Hard MMA


3. Your Bankroll (Management)

Most of us here are bettors and we assume you, our readers, are as well. That being the case there hasn’t been much to bet on these days besides Korean baseball, soccer, and MMA. Unless you count the hot dog eating contests and camel races. The biggest key here is not to overextend on any one play or evert. Like I said before we have months of MMA coming our way and there is going to be plenty of action to bet on. If you go all in on Masvidal as a big juicy underdog and blow your wad at UFC 251 you’re going to be feeling that fury for the foreseeable future. Make sure you take the time we have available to think out and research your picks and plays and don’t risk too much. It’s so easy to get star struck by these big numbered UFC pay per view events and start locking in bets, but then suddenly your account balance reads $0 and God forbid if you have one of those bad variance nights you could go broke. I use the 1% unit approach myself and never risk more than 3-5% of the bankroll on any single play. Other people have a more aggressive approach and that’s fine, but make sure you protect yourselves in a situation like this.


4. Your best flower shirt and/or hula skirt

Why not dress for the occasion? The fighters will be squaring off at sunrise on the beach on an island in the middle of nowhere for us to enjoy the beautiful violence. The least we can do is make ourselves presentable and get into the spirit of Fight Island! I am personally going to order my wife a grass skirt and pair of coconuts to wear and I will be getting the nicest dad-bod flower pattern shirt out of my closet to rock on the evening of the events. I may even rock a flower necklace. Watch out if I can get my hands on some tiki torches because I am not above dropping some cash to complete the experience in my living room. They always say that if you look good you feel good and I want to see each and every one of you on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook showing off the fun outfits you are rocking for the Fight Island festivities.


Or, you can pick up a Pub Sports Radio Fight Island shirt or my own Die Hard MMA Shirts! 

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5. A good attitude

When it comes to MMA, gambling, and life, sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. Sometimes the judges get it wrong, and your favorite fighter gets robbed. Sometimes you backed the wrong horse and got a bit too overzealous about it, and you can lose a good chunk. Sometimes your least favorite fighter wins by KO, and you have to deal with his smug face that is just SO punchable and watch him gloat for the next month. We understand these issues and have all been there before, but that negative attitude won’t make you feel any better, and lashing out against fighters and other fans is a fleeting high that will leave you feeling empty. We’ve got to do our best to remind ourselves that the UFC is the only big show in town right now and we need to be grateful to Uncle Dana for renting out a frickin Island just so that we can have some weekend entertainment and try to make a little extra scratch from our bookies. We have to be grateful for the fighters who work their asses off to fight for honor and glory and put their lives on the line every time they step in the cage.

There’s not a lot to be excited about in the world today, but we are blessed to have this kind of event to look forward to. Some of the fights might be grappling heavy. Some of the fights may not live up to the hype. You could lose a few bets, and your favorite fighter might take an L in the worst way. We just have to try to keep in mind that we are in this thing together, and at the end of the day, this is supposed to be fun and a break from all the other crap going on out there. Call your friend that you haven’t heard from for a while to check on them. Give your parents and/or your kids an extra hug. As hard as it may be to see, sometimes we can still find joy in life. Enjoy the fights, my friends. Good luck.


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