Fire Frank Wilson

by Pub Sports Radio

Let me be Frank…

After North Texas’ demoralizing beat down of our Roadrunners, UTSA’s head football coach Frank Wilson has cemented his place in the proverbial hot seat. 

Barring some crazy events of divine intervention, the Frank Wilson era at UTSA appears to be coming to an end, much to the joy of many and the disappointment of few.

 To start, I will be the first person to say that I LOVE Frank Wilson…as a person. 

Personally, as a member of The Spirit of San Antonio marching band (SOSA), I’ve been able to have some firsthand interactions with Wilson. Most probably don’t know that Wilson has come out to talk to the band every single year I’ve been here. 

Which I know doesn’t sound like much but as band members who generally feel unappreciated, it means a lot for him to take the time out of his day to stop by our practice and express his admiration and appreciation. Especially when that’s not a common thing among college sports. There’s no arguing that he is one of the kindest and most genuine people out there. Unfortunately, kindness doesn’t win games. If it did, we’d be national champions, but it doesn’t, and we aren’t. 

Arguments can be made that Wilson’s resume at UTSA has been one full of players that weren’t of his own choosing along with sub-par assistant coaching, specifically at offensive coordinator. Here’s the thing though, Wilson was hired in part -a big part I might add- because he was a great recruiter. It appears though, that he’s not as great of a recruiter as we all thought.

During his tenure, our best players (Davenport, Strong, Tauaefa, Sturm, Stewart, Maruo) were all the products of the previous coaching regime’s recruiting and development. Of his own recruiting classes, there haven’t been any standout, NFL caliber players to rise up on our roster. Now granted, we are just now starting to see recruiting classes that are truly all Wilson’s own doing, and most of them haven’t had time to show their worth or aren’t even in college yet. However this year was Wilson’s first year with a team of his own making and with a current 1-3 record and a combined points for/against of  65-146, it’s proving to be that Wilson isn’t the recruiter we were led to believe.

 I guess hypothetically there’s a scenario where his recruits could develop and prove to be solid and even great players with time but even if that is the case, with our 1-3 record and those point totals, it’s unlikely Wilson will get see the fruits of his labor. By the way, in case you want to feel even worse about our current season, the points for/against total becomes 30-139 if you don’t count the game against UIW (an FCS team).

 I hate to be talking about another man’s job and livelihood because he’s a human just like you and me. He has a wife and kids that look to him to support them, but at the end of the day he is a public employee who is paid with our tax dollars and we have to hold him accountable for his job performance. 

This is the business he’s apart of and if you can’t deliver results you won’t last long. There’s absolutely no way to excuse his $1.1 million contract, which is the second-highest in C-USA, only behind UNT’s Seth Littrell who’s making $1.4 million. To put this in a little perspective, Wilson is being paid higher than the 11 other coaches and yet has a win percentage that ranks him 11th out of the 13 coaches in C-USA. It’s flat out inexcusable.  As of right now, Wilson’s record as UTSA head coach is an abysmal 16-24 (40%), with the team only winning 3 games last season. The Frank Wilson experiment is proving to be a failure and we can all agree it’s time for a change. 

Now, having said all that, I will always support our team and until an official change is made, Frank Wilson is our head coach for better or for worse. Wilson will have my support as long as he is at UTSA, BUT, I will say this: UTSA football is a VERY young program whose future is yet to be decided. Our program cannot afford to have these back to back losing seasons. Right now represents a watershed moment for our young program. Will we go the way of Texas State and be terrible for years to come, or will we continue to grow and succeed as we once did to propel ourselves to the upper echelon of college football programs? One thing is for certain, changes need to be made and they need to be made now. I believe it’s time to move on from our four-year head coach and begin doing damage control to salvage our program’s future. 


Birds Up, Go Runners,

                                       -Jawed Bensalah, @Jofred98


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