Fantasy Power Rankings: Week One, the Race to the Bottom.

by Jose Bouquett

The wait is finally over, football season is finally here. Well, it begins in two weeks but it’s basically here! With football comes fantasy football which I have transitioned into a full blown junkie of. I caught the fantasy football addiction in middle school with the creation of the “HVHS Fantasy League”.

A fantasy league that my best friends from Virginia and myself created and continue to compete in. Our commissioner, who’s name will go untold, is my favorite commissioner I’ve had and even though he has pled for us to replace him as commissioner, the league would not function without him. If he reads this piece then it will look extremely familiar to him as he is the one that inspired to create power rankings for our league. He also inspired to solve the problem of ownership apathy.

Apathy amongst fantasy football owners is an issue for all leagues. As commissioner of the Pub Sports Fantasy League (PSFL), I have taken steps to limit this with a cash price for first place and of course a punishment for last. This year, it has been decided that the owner with the worst record in the league will the the SAT test while the league tailgates the event and must release their scores once delivered. Now with the stakes of the league defined, welcome to the Pub Sports Fantasy Football Rankings.

I will be ranking each team after the weeks play using a combination of the eye test and other fantasy metrics. A picture of each team is located on twitter (@pubsportsradio) along with a poll to vote on who drafted your favorite team.

I’ve Got A Chubb, Jose Bouquett (@Josebouquett)

I mean, who else would be at number one? The unfortunate blessing of having the first pick overall left this owner with a difficult decision to make. If Jerry Jones and Ezekiel Elliott cannot come to terms on a contract, then this team’s championship hopes will go down faster than the Titanic.

The depth that this team has at the running back position is almost too much to handle.The back to back selections of Davante Adams and Nick Chubb at the end of the second round was almost too perfect for ownership to imagine. The search for a high end second wide receiver will continue into the season as he hopes one will emerge from a Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Robby Anderson threesome but if the season goes according to plan then there will be nothing halting this owner from reaching the fantasy mountain top once again.

Apparently Ben?, Brandon (@TalyorBrandon)Out of all the performances in the draft, I was most surprised at how highly projected Ben/Brandon’s team is. Drafting the top player at multiple positions is a great strategy, if your team remains healthy. There are no flaws in this team to be reported as of yet, but if the Texans line falls apart again then Deshaun Watson is at risk again.

Sony Michel is in a crowded backfield in New England and Joe Mixon is an all-time bad guy and has a definite ceiling in a poor Bengals offense. Health is a major factory for the ownership group of “Apparently Ben?”; they have hired the best trainers in the game to make sure his starting lineup takes the field but as a wise philosopher once said, “Shit happens”.

Blackstreet Boys, Jamar (@jamar2698)This team is going to be a problem. His early low score projection doesn’t scare me away from this team. The draft fell perfectly to him and if James Conner produces as peak Lev Bell then this team has no limit. A new look Green Bay Packers offense will benefit Aaron Rodgers if the offensive line can keep him upright.

Christian McCaffrey became a fantasy superstar last season and is expected to keep his numbers as high if not higher than last season. (Shout to CMC for probably being the highest white running back ever drafted in fantasy history.)

Team Arabian Knights, Jawed (@jofred98)Our first thief comes in the form of Jawed and the Knights. Jawed’s selection of JuJu Smith-Schuster in front of Preston lit a spark in the draft and allowed Jawed continue his quality draft. Drafting the number one overall player at the third spot in the draft is a win in every form but his one and only tight end being an unproven rookie has his fans with questions.

Only six active tight ends have recorded over 500 yards in their rookie year in the NFL, the best of which came from Evan Engram’s rookie season with 722 yards and six touchdowns. Will Noah Fant make history? Probably not.

Kamara’s Goons, Preston (@PrestonEkdahl) The most frustrated drafter in the league has come full circle with his love of his team in a matter of 24 hours. His picks were “stolen” by multiple teams that are conveniently ranked above him at the time and he initially hated his team.

Now, 24 hours after the draft’s conclusion, Preston has completely turned his opinion around and is confident about his team’s future. Mike Evans is a key cog in this machine but with plenty of depth located on his bench, Preston may have drafted himself a winner.

Pussy Eaters, Jeff (@slaughterhaus1)Team Has-Been has taken a huge risk in drafting all of his “Colorful” personalities. Jeff’s Muff Munchers could finish in last place due to locker room conduct but, he could also benefit from undervalued assets and take home the fantasy championship.

Due to his high range of outcomes, general manager Jeff has been slotted low to begin with, but he could soar up the ranks into the elites of this league.

Team HailMary, Austin (@austinkid2000)As a newbie to fantasy football, I was pleasantly surprised at how Austin managed the draft. Did he draft Jason Witten instead of players that could actually help him? Yes. Does he have two quarterbacks and defense? Yes. Will he update his lineup every week? I hope so. Team HailMary maybe betting favorite to finish last place but with enough grit maybe Austin keeps himself out of the SAT.

Bad Birds, Taco Joe (@tacojoe_)Draft day did not treat Taco Joe well. His combination of reaching for Todd Gurley and Patrick Mahomes in the early rounds may cripple his team especially if Gurley really is hampered by his arthritic knees. His best pick, oddly enough, via the auto draft of Michael Thomas while Taco was staring at his computer mindlessly.

I do not expect much from this ball club. Anything other than a bottom two finish from this team would be a success and that will be determined by the effort of the general manager.




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