FA Cup Breakdown with Bryan Bejarano: Wolverhampton vs Manchester United

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FA CUP Picks – Wolverhampton vs. Manchester United

Can the Red Devils finally conquer Molineux?

In the last two weeks, the Premier teams have had full calendar playing games every 3 days. After a few hectic days, the Premier takes a break this weekend, but not all teams can relax as some will have to play the third round of the FA Cup.

One of the most attractive matches of this third round of the FA Cup is that of the Wolves against Manchester United.

The Wolves have failed to win their first league game of the year since 1981, and this 2020 was no exception as they lost against Watford 2-1. The Wolves are a strange team since they can fight head to head against the Big 6 teams, for example, defeating Manchester City 3-2 in the Boxing Day week, but they suffer against small teams such as the case of the penultimate of the table Watford. Despite the bad result of the last date, the Wolves can overcome the Red Devils; in fact, it was the Wolves who knock out Manchester United out of the FA Cup last season.

The Red Devils come from losing their winning streak by falling at Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal dominated them throughout the game and ended with a 2-0 result in favor of the Gunners. Paul Pogba’s injury has weakened the midfield of the Red Devils, which shows no depth and creativity to generate goal opportunities. Besides the failures in the midfield, there are shortcomings in goalkeeping where De Gea makes plays that will end up causing a stroke to his coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Also, ManU still has problems to win games as visitors, they have lost 11 of their 21 games, so the visit to Molineux will be complicated.


The Wolves are ranked 7th in the Premier, and as we mentioned when they play with big teams, they seem to have much more motivation and better football. Wolverhampton+140

The Red Devils have not been able to win in their last 3 visits to Molineux, and this time it does not seem to be different. Manchester United +180

Due to the bad results that both teams have harvested on the last date of the Premier, they may enter the field with much more caution than usual, so a draw is possible.

Draw +240


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