Endgame is coming back to theaters, and so are we

by Taco Joe

Endgame is coming back to theaters, and so are we.

Marvel announced earlier that they are going to re-release “Endgame” with some new footage and I am absolutely here for it.

I’ve seen some tweets saying it’s a money grab, but I’ve also seen more than enough people be totally here for the move. If they want to beat Avatar as the all time highest grossing movie, they deserve it. They’ve done what literally no other movie company could ever and will never do. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, none of them could ever do what Marvel has done these past eleven years. So if they want to own the highest record of them all, it’s our job as fans to do it for them.

So not only am I going to go to see “Endgame” again, but I’m bringing everybody with me, and you should too, Marvel deserves it.

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