Did the Buccaneers just tease the Creamsicle Comeback?

by Taco Joe

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDlGsqU0aUA[/embedyt]


OOOOOOOH Boy OOOOOOOOOOOH Boy, nothing gets me excited for NFL Football like a late winter uniform tease. Especially when the uniform is on my Top Ten Uniforms of All-Time list. I’ve stated millions of times how much I adore the Buccaneers Creamsicle jerseys. They’re just so much fun to look at.  My prediction is that these will be Tampa’s ColorRush Uniforms, so that’s kind of a downer but some Creamsicle is better than no Creamsicle Some might go as far to say that they’re “candy a**” and that “you could never win a Super Bowl with cream orange as your primary color” but its the Bucs for Pete’s sake, they aren’t making any late January runs anytime soon.

Is it a veiled attempt to bring Tampa Bay fans back by means of nostalgia? Yes. Is it a means of appeasement to the Season Ticket Holders? Yes. Is it gonna work? Who knows, but this Cowboy fan is excited.

This is an interesting move for the Bucs. Fans are tired of bad football. Tampa Bay hasn’t even made the playoffs since 2007, and since then they’ve only had 3 winning seasons. Being in the same division as Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan will do that to you. But as opposed to making actual structural changes to the way the organization works, spending money the right way, trying to find a good GM, and thing of the sort, they put a Cream Orange and white band-aid on the problem. I’m okay with it, cause I’m a sucker for a good uniform and not a fan of this team, however I could imagine Bucs fans are annoyed with this move but also saving up money for that sweet, sweet Creamsicle Chris Conte jersey.

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