Defend the Wall: there is no one Better for UTSA Men’s Basketball than Steve Henson

by Taco Joe

A coworker of mine recently published a blog stating that UTSA should consider moving on from Coach Henson and pursue the slimy ball of gunk that is Rick Pitino.

This is the most violently stupid take I’ve seen in a very long time. UTSA does not need to worry about gaining national attention or being talked about for hiring a shady underworld coach, we need to be known for good, fast-paced basketball and a comeback that no man but Steve Henson could ever orchestrate.

No one understands how much of a disappointment the final game of this season was more than me, and no one wants UTSA to be nationally recognized more than me, but we need to get there by being ourselves. Playing good basketball, building better people at our institution, and being proud of where we come from. Pitino would change that. Hiring him would be like selling our souls to the devil, and telling our students that the right ways of winning and succeeding are out-dated and inefficient.

Since the Henson era has begun, UTSA has become a serious contender in CUSA basketball, and while that might not be enough for some people, true Roadrunner fans know that that’s just where we want to be. Having a man like Pitino leading our team would tell the players that they don’t matter to the school, and that buying success and cheating your way through the world are the right ways to get things done.

That might be okay for Kentucky, but this is Texas and we work for our success, we don’t buy it. We play good, fast-paced basketball, we recruit the right way, and we recruit from around the world, we pack our Historic Convo on Thursdays and Saturdays and we give whoever comes to town hell. We play Henson basketball.

Anyone who thinks that Steve Henson isn’t the best and only option for UTSA Men’s Basketball probably just reads ESPN recaps of the game when reporting on them. Me and the rest of us behind the Henson wall are there every night, seeing him lead our boys to the promised land. If this isn’t the year fine, if next year isn’t either, Fine. With Coach Henson at the helm UTSA Basketball will be a contender in CUSA, and on the national stage.

Have fun on your island, I’ll be at the Convo.

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