Cowboys Replace Jason Garret with Ex Packer Coach Mike McCarthy

by Taco Joe

Dallas has a new head coach, Mike McCarthy and I have a few thoughts.

First off, anything to get Garret out of Dallas is good for me. He wasted my favorite quarterback’s career, in the words of Dez Bryant “I have no sympathy.” I’m sure Garret was a great man, and I’m sure he’s hurting, but he had nine years, the majority of my football fandom and Tony Romo’s career, to make something real in Dallas.

Second of all, McCarthy has won a Super Bowl. Granted, so has Garret, but he won as a backup QB to arguably the greatest QB in Cowboy history, McCarthy won as a coach. There’s reason to argue that Rogers won that game and that they had a bad relationship at the end of their tenure together. Let it be stated that Rogers hates his entire family, so hating the guy that you won a Super Bowl with isn’t totally out of the question.

I think that McCarthy is going to be a good coach for the Cowboys. There is a lot of pressure in the clubhouse because this roster is solid, also it’s Dallas, so we want wins, NOW.

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