COVID-19 and a Gambler Part 2: The Honeymoon is Over

by Preston Ekdahl

It has now been a week since the initial shock of COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus ending the NBA season and changing our lives forever. The date is March 18th, 2020, we here at Pub Sports Radio go over our daily meetings and plans in order to succeed and thrive during this worldwide pandemic. I have finally settled in to mass hysteria along with the rest of the Twitter universe, there are only so many “A Nightmare on Elm Street” films I can watch before cabin fever and isolation settles in. I hop in my car, a fuel efficient 2013 Hyundai Veloster in search of nourishment.  I jump in the car, bump my head and turn the radio on to hear “Beautiful Day” by U2 blaring through the subpar speakers; “What you don’t have you don’t need it now, what you don’t know you can feel it somehow” as I’m being captivated by Bono’s lyrics it hits me, I don’t need Coronavirus, Bono is right.

I continue driving by myself mindful to practice social distancing when I decide on Chick Fil-A to fulfill my appetite. I pull in to the parking lot to see a line of 25 cars in the drive thru with the dining area closed for heavy-duty cleaning. I decide to wait in the line and look over to see what I assume to be a child no older than 13 behind the wheel of a fairly expensive BMW blaring a Lil Uzi Vert/Backstreet Boys song. “To be 13 again” I exclaim. “What was that sir?,” the employee asks as I’m now prepared to order my meal. “Nothing, what’s the most chicken nuggets I can order for a meal?” “30” she responds defiantly. “I’ll get a 12 count meal then.” I get my food and prepare to head home to continue my practice of social distancing. After almost drowning myself in Purell, I proceed to eat my dinner and turn on “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” to occupy my mind for the night so I don’t bet on Russian hockey at 3AM. Make sure to keep tuned in to Pub Sports Radio on YouTube and online to keep you entertained throughout COVID-19.

As always follow me on Twitter @PrestonEkdahl and for the love of God someone DM me.

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