Corona and A Quarterback Controversy

by Taco Joe

I’m upset. It’s April 4th, and I should be arguing who is going to be QB1 for the Roadrunners with my friends right now. I’m mad that I can’t do this, so I’m blogging some thoughts, and so I can beat Jamar to it.

In my opinion, there are 3 quarterbacks who have a shot at being our guy. Lowell Narcisse Jr, JoJo Weeks, and New Kid in Town (but not really that new I guess) Josh Adkins.

Josh the Local

Adkins is a local kid, and if there is any absolute about our fanbase, it’s that we love local kids. From Smithson Valley HS, Adkins won a whopping total of 5 games as a New Mexico State Aggie. In terms of UTSA QB’s that would make him the winningest quarterback since the beloved Dalton Sturm. Throwing for 27 touchdowns in his two years, Adkins scored 5 more touchdowns than all UTSA QB’s at that time. Mind you the Aggies only won 5 games in this time frame, and we happened to win 7. Is it defenses, maybe offensive schemes in general, or coaching that held him back in New Mexico? who knows. All I know is that his numbers are damn good in comparison, and he’s a local.

JoJo the Spear Chucker

Jordan Weeks has had the unfortunate luck of being the backup quarterback, on a bad team. Why he was backup, who really knows. Frank Wilson, much to our dismay, loved to toy with us as fans and not give us any look into his gameplans (if he had any) and loved to switch QB’s from week to week with no indication of a plan. I’m so glad we’ve moved onto bigger and better things.

As I was saying though, JoJo has had some hard luck as a Roadrunner, throwing an average 17 passes per game in his two years here. In most games, JoJo would come in around the end of the game to keep the starter from getting hurt. Weeks has thrown 3 touchdowns as a Roadrunner and lost every game he’s played in. What I will say, is that JoJo has an arm. UTSA fans want exciting football, passing is exciting, JoJo can pass the damn ball.

Lowell the Veteran

Lowell Narcisse is tough, he’s experienced, and he’s a fighter. Last year he had the misfortune of inheriting an offensive scheme that wasn’t built for him. He also had the misfortune of being QB2, when QB1 was lauded (by myself and many others) as the savior of UTSA football, it was insurmountable expectations to live up to, especially as a backup. In Lowell’s favor, he never seemed down, he stuck in games and tried his hardest to move the ball down the field. You can’t blame the horse when the rider can’t handle the reigns, and Wilson couldn’t handle the reigns to save his life. I blame pretty much all of last year’s downfalls on Wilson, not Lowell. In fact, I think Lowell did as good as he could with the situation he had. He even shut the Aggies up for the most glorious 48 seconds in UTSA history.  Lowell had 8 touchdowns last season, he played in 11 games, won 3, and he did his best to keep the blue and orange out of oblivion.

Next year, if it even happens is going to be memorable no matter what, corona and a new coach will do that. But don’t let the global pandemic distract you from a good old fashioned Roadrunner Quarterback Controversy. I honestly don’t know who I want to lead our boys next season as of now. If it means we get to play next year, I’d be okay taking the field with no one under center. All three men have great reasons to be the guy, and I think with Traylor all things are possible. I’m gonna trust him and enjoy every second of Roadrunner football I can.

God Bless Jeff Traylor

God Bless these three Outstanding Young Men

and God Bless Roadrunner Football.

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