In case you were living under a rock last night, Conor McGregor announced his retirement from the sport of “Mixed Martial Arts.” All this seems to stem from Conor not receiving a partial ownership stake with the company. Well if he is indeed retired, I say good riddance.
Conor McGregor was one of the most influential and biggest stars in the UFC as he made his ascent in his quest to claim the featherweight championship from Jose Aldo. Once he achieved this in a remarkable 13 second KO, everything seemed to go downhill for Conor at least in my mind. He ends up going up to 155 to challenge at the time lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos who ended up getting injured and in stepped Nate Diaz who ended up defeating Conor giving him his first UFC defeat. Give him credit, he showed humility and gave Nate his credit and then decided to retire because an agreement couldn’t be made for him to headline UFC 200. Things got sorted out and he ended up rematching Nate Diaz soon after and won a close decision. What does he do? He gets an automatic title shot again because it’s Conor and ends up winning the title. Does he defend the title? Of course not, he goes ahead and boxes Floyd Mayweather Jr. and gets stopped in the 10th round. Already a multi-millionaire, what more could Conor want? Oh yeah, he wanted to come back and dethrone Khabib to be the undisputed lightweight champion. Not surprisingly, he gets defeated and tapped out in the 4th round and now we are back where we started with Conor whining about not wanting to take a co-main event spot at the July pay per view because he’s the draw.
Conor signs the 6 fight bout agreement before the Khabib bout and here we are going through the same motions with him waiting to see what he will do next. Take care of your whiskey company, Conor, because nobody wants to see you fight Khabib again.
I’ll have more to talk about on Friday during Talkin Hands so stay tuned for that.
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