Safety first, the game starts with a coin toss. The winning team takes the ball or defers and the ball is placed at the 25-yard line.
No onside kicks are allowed. However, there is an opportunity for a team to retain possession after a score. The only time this can be attempted is if that team is trailing by 17 points or more, or behind in the final five minutes of the game. In that situation, the team with the ball will start at its own 28 and have one down to get at least 12 yards.
Kickers get no love! No extra points, teams must go for two after TDs. Field goals are allowed.
The play clock runs for 35 seconds, five seconds less than the NFL.
Challange flags, are like the NFL. Coaches are allowed two challenges, and challenges are automatic in the final two minutes of a half and in overtime.
Overtime, each team begins at the opponent’s 10-yard line and has one possession to score. Similar to College. If the teams remain tied after both OT attempts, the game ends in a tie.
AND New Orleans Saints fans will love this… There is an extra referee assigned to every seven-man crew. A “sky judge” located in the press box. He will have access to real-time technology to review every play. With the ability to correct “obvious and egregious” officiating errors, including overturning called penalties or insituitng missed ones, the sky judge also will have authority over matters involving player safety.
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