Chuba Hubbard Calls Out Mike Gundy and Demands Change at Oklahoma State

by Jose Bouquett

Chuba Hubbard Calls Out Mike Gundy and Demands Change at Oklahoma State

Here are again, writing a blog about Oklahoma State in hot water again. This time, head coach Mike Gundy was photographed wearing a ”OAN” or ”One American News” shirt after a fishing trip.

Don’t know what OAN is? Well consider yourself lucky because if fake news had a shirt on it would be an OAN shirt with some Fox News underwear too. If you want further proof read this quote from John Oliver, “the kind of misinformation OAN is spewing right now could end up getting people killed. And sadly, their message is being actively spread by the White House, so it is more important than ever to be on the lookout for OAN’s bullshit and to make sure no one that you know is falling for it either.”.


Star running back Chubba Hubbard took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the shirt and needless to say the shockwaves are being felt.

Player empowerment has reached the college ranks, Hubbard speaking out prompted several other former and current players to speak out as well.


This is how change is started. Hubbard has shown himself to be a leader on and off the field, and this major statement against his head coach will start a trend around college football. Don’t look now coaches, but players are going to start holding you to higher standards. What will happen at OSU? It’s tough to say; Gundy is the greatest coach in OSU history, but he’s already put himself in hot water earlier this year with his comments on COVID-19.

“We get people that get the flu during the season; we quarantine them, we treat them, we make sure they’re healthy, we bring ’em back,” Gundy said. “It would be the same thing here, but at some point, we’ve got to go back to work…”

He called COVID-19 the “China Virus” and made more controversial comments about getting his players back to make money for the state. The OAN debacle feels like strike three, and with the number of players that have come out, it seems like the Mullet’s time is running out.

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