Chicken on a Stick: a San Antonio Classic that NIOSA just can’t get right.

by Taco Joe
Chicken on a Stick is a San Antonio Institution. It’s simple, its delicious, and it comes with a jalapeno. There’s nothing about this food that I don’t like, that is until I had it at the Night In Old San Antonio (NIOSA.)
When you go to the St. Mary’s Oyster Bake, you get a large chicken patty shown above, and its dipped in jalapeno juice. It’s perfect.
At the parades, a lot of the same thing, good patty, the juice, all of it is very much there. This is a very hard dish to mess up. Restaurants around the city give their own takes on it and usually, because its such a simple concept, they pull it off. The folks at NIOSA did not.
It was 2 Tyson Chicken tenders on a stick, a bad jalapeno and no option for spraying or dunking jalapeno juice on the chicken. It was cold, it was damp, and definitely wasn’t deep fried. I paid something like 8 tickets (each ticket is a dollar) and all I got in return was sadness.
Shame on you NIOSA, hang your heads in shame. Wear brown paper bags atop your heads, and don large cloaks to hide your shame. Your feeble excuse for Chicken on a Stick makes me physically ill. A plague on both your houses, may your ships never find tide, and may your chicken always be cold and soggy.
You lost a loyal customer, if and when I ever return to NIOSA you can bet your bottom dollar that I will not spend my hard earned money at the Chicken on a Stick booth.
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