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Today, one of my favorite things about my beloved UTSA reared it’s fantastically petty head again, and that’s UTSA Twitter.   Some person from UTSA at Austin was talking trash about our school. We didn’t like that very much.   What started as a few chirps from the German (@austinkid2000) and I turned into a […]

Last night, UTSA Baseball beat ex-rival Lamar in fantastic fashion. We defeated the Cardinals 25-2.   You read that right folks, TWENTY-FIVE TO TWO.   It got so bad that we were asked to stop with our traditional nonsense because it would be mean to continue. But it’s hard to keep a Bad Bird down. […]

It’s a well known fact that I love my school, and if you didn’t know that, then you must not follow me on Twitter (@austinkid2000). At the time of writing this, I just got back from a prime example of why UTSA is an amazing and underrated university. We had a music festival in our […]

Quick run down of our list so far. 10 Engineering Einsteins Bagels 9 Slice 8 Greens To Go 7 Rowdy’s Global KItchen 6 Chik-Fil-a   #5. SU Starbucks I’m gonna say it. JPL Starbucks is over hyped. Almost everything in the Paeseo is just generally better, not to mention the line is never as long, […]

Last night in the middle of a pure demolishment of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles by our beloved UTSA Roadrunners some USM fans were getting a little peeved at me on twitter.   Essentially they were mad because I wouldn’t stop yelling during the game, stuff about our broadcast, and because they were getting bullied […]

First things first, many thanks to our sponsor and friend Mr. Pat Clynes from The Fritz Kennel he made this whole trip possible. Sorry we couldn’t get you your win Pat, we did what we could.   We left at 2:00 AM. It was Saturday morning in San Antonio we had hope, and a 9 […]

Look, I’m not crazy about the writers over there in the Paisano’s Sports section. I appreciate what they do for the school, but I’ve been vocal in the past about my opinions about their shortcomings. I’m not sure if they watch our games, I disagree with their takes often, but they knocked this one out […]

Hello friends.   Since very little happened in the sports world today, and since there’s no UTSA basketball game this week, me and my cohort Austin decided that it would be in my best interest to start a series of poems, rap verses/hooks, limericks, and haiku. (Don’t worry y’all I looked it up. The plural […]

Yesterday, I decided to memorialize, in the form of “poorly edited Valentine’s Day cards,” the greatest Men’s Basketball team that UTSA has ever had. The results were marvelous.   Let’s break them down 1 by 1. Here we have star Guard Jhivan Jackson. I toyed with the idea of using the lyrics to the hit […]

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