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Ranking the Top Ten Teams with the Best Chance to Win The Stanley Cup By: Zach Irwin   With the NHL agreeing on the 24 team playoff format last week, the usual 16 team playoff just became a lot more crowded. Every team at the beginning of the year believes that they have a shot to win […]

NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Fun Facts Part 2  By: Joe Borek Since the NHL announced their playoff proposal as well as draft information at Today’s 4:30 PM news conference, I figured what better time than ever to put out the second edition of interesting NHL Playoff facts. Disclaimer, a very nice fan pointed out a […]

NASCAR Breakdown | Alsco Uniforms 500 By Jason Paglia   Quick Coca – Cola 600 Recap    Well, the Coca-Cola 600 went off without a hitch on Sunday, and the car with the American flag draped across it got the win for Penske Racing this Memorial Day Weekend. Brad Keselowski, who did not lead a lap […]

This series started at the end of March and came to its conclusion this past week and honestly I’m still reeling from it. Dorktown, the series on SB Nation’s youtube account did a magnificent job explaining the sheer weirdness of Seattle’s ballclub. From the fiery beginnings of the team and the misery of the first […]

Stanley Cup Playoff Facts By: Joe Borek ​Since the 24 team playoff proposal has been approved by the NHL Board of Governors as the first major step to hockey resuming, I figured it would be fun to compile a list of facts about the spectacle that is known as the Stanley Cup Playoffs. There are […]

The Pub Sports Radio Baseball Show: Five-Year Draft   On the latest Pub Sports Baseball radio show Andrew and Jose bring on two guests from the “The Chase’n The Pennant Podcast” podcast in Joe and Sean. In this episode, following last week’s All MLB Team episode the four hosts draft their MLB teams based on […]

Three Game Play In For NHL? No Way!  By: Joe Borek   As stated in the article I wrote yesterday about the 24 team playoff, there will be a five-game play-in series. However, if teams agreed to a best two out of three that likely would not have been the case. Elliot Friedman, a top […]

NHL Switches It Up for Proposed 24 Team Playoff  By: Joe Borek To hockey fans everywhere, it has been no secrete that when/ if the NHL reconvenes it will likely be in a 24 team playoff bracket-style format.  At the onset of the rumors, it was thought that the format would still be based on […]

Hot Topics with Donnie RightSide: Dak Prescott Turns Down A Historic Contract and College Football’s Conference Problem

Hot Topics with Donnie RightSide: The NFL is Making A Big Mistake Returning Early

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