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Today is the 35th anniversary of my favorite movie of all time, Back To The Future. I love everything about this movie. Marty McFly, the main character, is their epitome of cool. He plays the guitar, he swaggers around the town be it ’85 or ’55, and he swashbuckles like a pirate. He’s cool under […]

Part 1 of NHL Core 4 Ranking: #31-27 By: Zach Irwin (@zachirwin3196)     Like all sports we love to see the new kids on the block making an immediate impact in their prospective sports. Examples that come to mind are Ja Morant and Zion Williamson in the NBA, Kyler Murray and Josh Jacobs in […]

Hot Topics with Donnie RightSide: The Chicago NBA Bubble is The Worst Idea of All Time

I have been absolutely rolling in Serie A if you’ve been following. This league deserves respect. It’s high powered, goal heavy and so fun to watch. I’ve really been enjoying playing it and finding value. Here are my thoughts on a Saturday match against surging Sassuolo and relegation candidate Lecce. Sassuolo comes in to this […]

Hot Topics with Donnie RightSide: The Washington Redskins are on the Clock for a Name Change

Clint’s Corner: UFC 251 Is Chalky As Fuck By: Clint MacLean (@DieHardMMAPod)   UFC 251 kicks off our Fight Island festivities, and we have a whole week to marinade in our anticipated for one of the biggest fight cards we have ever seen. We have 3 title fights! Count them! 3! Petr Yan and Jose Aldo […]

NHL Hub Cities/ CBA Update Canada Gets Both Hubs By: Joe Borek (@jjborek26)     Nothing is official yet as the NHL and NHLPA still have talks ongoing about a CBA extension, and it seems that extension will have to be made for there to be a return to play. However, if there is a […]

This morning I went to the Dentist, and I really don’t like the dentist. Not so much the hard-working medical professionals that want to make people’s mouths better, but the institution of the dentist. The scraping, the jaw-prying, the suction, and high powered water shooting, I hate all of that. It’s so painful and reminds […]

I’ve made a promise to myself during quarantine. When this damned virus is over and when I have my degree, I’m going to travel. I want to see the Crimson Tide storm the field in Tuscaloosa, I want to work on a shrimp boat in New Orleans, I want to eat North Carolinian Barbecue, and […]

BMOC Soccer Selections for 6/30/20 By: Jeff Nadu (@BigManOnCampus) Back and better than ever. After a great weekend going 2-0 in Serie A on Twitter, I am back where I will feature a few blogs a week throwing out some selections on the pitch. You can follow me on Twitter @jeffnadu for more selections and […]

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