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Back again?  I’m not surprised.  Let’s be honest, who else was touting Joey Slye?!  Nobody but your boy, that’s who. Last week, the bonus section alone of Joey Slye and Patriots D/ST paid off to a total of 57pts.  Congratulations, because your win probability was about 99% if you started that combo.  If you still managed […]

On behalf of Pub Sports Radio, I ventured out to Las Vegas last Friday to enter into the Westgate Supercontest.  The conditions stipulate that each contestant must pick five NFL games against the spread each week.  Let’s just say Week 1 in the NFL season did not go as well as it should have. Coming […]

What A Game. Dallas had a rough go on the first drive, and my dad and I looked at each other thinking “here we go again.” Then Eli looked like himself and moved the ball down the field in record time. Giants put up seven and I was scared. Then “The Grown Man” Dak Prescott […]

Ezekiel Elliott has a new massive contract extension that will keep him wearing the Cowboys‘ star for years to come. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport and NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported Wednesday that the Cowboys and Elliott have agreed to a six-year, $90 million extension, per sources informed of the deal. In all, it’s $103 million over eight years, […]

The wait is finally over, football season is finally here. Well, it begins in two weeks but it’s basically here! With football comes fantasy football which I have transitioned into a full blown junkie of. I caught the fantasy football addiction in middle school with the creation of the “HVHS Fantasy League”. A fantasy league […]

Twitter: @RobProbably Last season, Todd Gurley ran the ball 256 times for 1251 yards, an average of 4.9 yards per carry. Backup Malcolm Brown ran the ball 43 times for 212 yards, an average of 4.9 yards per carry. When Todd Gurley went down with an injury late in the season, the Rams signed C.J. [...]

It’s July 16th and we are all itching for football… it’s so close we can begin to taste it. As a sports bettor i am constantly spending the summer preparing for the next season and it’s time I start talking about my pick to win the Super Bowl. Many people tend to wait until training […]

I love Top Ten lists. So to start my series of Top Ten lists I decided to go with something very close to my heart, NFL Uniforms. In the past many of my friends have ridiculed me for my undying love of uniforms of all sorts Band, Baseball, Hockey, and of course Football. I love […]

Dear Roger Goodell,   You do a great job being the Commissioner of the most flawlessly run organization in sports. There is literally NOTHING wrong with the NFL.   The way you handled Deflategate was done with so much class and grace, I felt like you could’ve put more hurt on New England to be […]

I told y’all that you were gonna get two blogs today. Better late than never right?   First off, THANK THE HEAVENS. I’ve been saying it all off season, DLaw deserves however much money he wants. He was the leader of that defense, and the glue that held that side of the ball together. I […]

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