Hot Topics with Donnie RightSide: NBA Announces return on July 31st | NBA heads to Disney World  

Balls Back with Devin Oliver and Taylor Smith: The LeBron James Files The guys are back with another episode in which they analyze an NBA great’s game. Last week, it was the people’s G.O.A.T, Michael Jordan. This week, it’s the man that D and Tay Smitty believe is the G.O.A.T, LeBron James.   

Nobody Will Tell You This: Who was Better, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?  

Tonight was the final two episodes of “The Last Dance” which was a 10 part series documenting the career of Michael Jordan and culminating in the 1998 season which was referred prior to the season beginning as “The Last Dance.” The episode started tonight with the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals matchup between the Indiana Pacers […]

Zion Williamson’s Legal Trouble, Asked to Testify About Benefits while at Duke One of the hottest topics surrounding college sports recently has been whether or not college athletes should get paid, should be allowed to make money from endorsements, and more. There is no easy way to answer this question and each person will have […]

‘The Last Dance’ Won’t Tell You This… Where does Michael Jordan Live?

  The documentary is definitely picking up as tonight’s episodes of “The Last Dance” covered Jordan’s life post his initial 3-peat run and led all the way up to his return and 4th championship over a game Seattle Supersonic team. Episode 7 begins in a somewhat tragic matter as they document the events surrounding and […]

It’s time for the weekly recap of the latest episodes of “The Last Dance” which is currently the only two hours of live television I consume before this upcoming UFC 249 card which will be previewed on Talkin Hands later this week. This weeks episodes kicked off where the previous ended by going over the […]

Hot Topics with Donnie RightSide and Jeff Nadu: NBA Going To Disney World?

Tonight was the 3rd and 4th episodes of “The Last Dance” about the 1998 Chicago Bulls Season and the history of the team and how they came to be in that final championship year. The episodes tonight focused on Michael Jordan’s struggles with the “Bad Boy” Detroit Piston teams of the late 1980’s and how […]

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