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One of my fondest memories of my teenage years is actually pretty relatable to most teenagers. The tame memory that surfaces every once in a while, were those simple nights were you and your friends really had no responsibilities. Your only plan for the night was to sit out in one of your friend’s backyard, […]

Another week, another dry running back pool. That’s life in Week 8 of a fantasy football season. If you’ve been paying attention here, you’re probably not sweating it, because you’ve already scooped up some great options throughout the year. Maybe say, last weeks RB1 (150 total yards and 3TDs) and a feature here 2 weeks ago, Chase Edmonds. […]

I’m gonna go a bit off-topic and just say what we’re all thinking:  They have to do better with the officiating in the NFL!  As a former zebra, I fully understand and appreciate how difficult the job is.  I’m easier on them than most that have never worn the whistle, but they have been atrocious […]

We’ve hit a point in the season where the pickings are getting slim (especially at the RB position), and a lot of the guys are going to have already made an appearance on previous lists.  The early lists were deep, and while a lot of the guys we’ve talked about having graduated out of this […]

Daily fantasy football is an entirely different beast than season-long fantasy. It takes much more than just plugging in the best players at each position to win. It takes skill and strategy to find the right combination of guys to put you in the money. Find the right strategies to win, however, and you could […]

Let me be Frank… After North Texas’ demoralizing beat down of our Roadrunners, UTSA’s head football coach Frank Wilson has cemented his place in the proverbial hot seat.  Barring some crazy events of divine intervention, the Frank Wilson era at UTSA appears to be coming to an end, much to the joy of many and […]

Here we go again.   You know the drill by now, so let’s keep this short… like the season of a team who drafted Saquon and Antonio Brown with their first two picks (might have been me).  As always players are kept to those owned in under 50% of Yahoo! leagues. Let’s get it: The Running […]

When the announcement came of the resurgence of the XFL, I can’t speak for all, but I was optimistic. If you had been living under a rock, or your just unfamiliar with what the XFL was, let me fill you in.  The XFL was once an organized football league that was started by WWE CEO […]

Utah (-3.5) @ USC As long as you’re alive and conscious you’ll notice my constant references to BYU. I’m aware. Other than the fact they are extremely similar in defensive standing to Utah, this is my reference point simply because both USC and Utah have played BYU. And both teams played on the road vs BYU. […]

Back again?  I’m not surprised.  Let’s be honest, who else was touting Joey Slye?!  Nobody but your boy, that’s who. Last week, the bonus section alone of Joey Slye and Patriots D/ST paid off to a total of 57pts.  Congratulations, because your win probability was about 99% if you started that combo.  If you still managed […]

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