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You’ve heard of the Black Hole right? The band of ravenous, savages who drape themselves in Black and Silver every Sunday to root on the Raiders?   Well the Roadrunners are about to take a page out of their book.   It’s time to let the villain that lives in all of us out, in […]

First things first, many thanks to our sponsor and friend Mr. Pat Clynes from The Fritz Kennel he made this whole trip possible. Sorry we couldn’t get you your win Pat, we did what we could.   We left at 2:00 AM. It was Saturday morning in San Antonio we had hope, and a 9 […]

The University of Texas has just fired former quarterback Vince Young from his part time job as a development officer for having poor performance on the job, being absent or late, and not being in touch with his supervisors. Texas officials nor Young have commented on the Neighborhood Longhorns development officer and football camp specialist, […]

Look, I’m not crazy about the writers over there in the Paisano’s Sports section. I appreciate what they do for the school, but I’ve been vocal in the past about my opinions about their shortcomings. I’m not sure if they watch our games, I disagree with their takes often, but they knocked this one out […]

Yesterday, I decided to memorialize, in the form of “poorly edited Valentine’s Day cards,” the greatest Men’s Basketball team that UTSA has ever had. The results were marvelous.   Let’s break them down 1 by 1. Here we have star Guard Jhivan Jackson. I toyed with the idea of using the lyrics to the hit […]

In a relative shocker, Clemson defeated the Crimson Tide of Alabama 44-16 in the College Football National Championship game Monday night. Alabama’s defense just couldn’t keep Trevor Lawrence and the Tigers receivers out of the end zone. It was beautiful catch after beautiful catch as Lawrence led the Tigers on an array of touchdown drives […]

Bowl Season is here, and Pub Sports Radio has your teams schedule from the Celebration Bowl on Dec. 15 to the College Football Playoff National Championship on Jan. 7, here’s a list of the 2018-19 NCAA College Football Bowl lineup and playoff schedule. College Football Playoff schedule Dec. 29College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Goodyear […]

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