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Welcome to the Opinion Island. This is a place where I, Jose Bouquett (@josebouquett) will write out some random sports takes that I genuinely believe and hope with each inch of my body will happen. The first island we travel to has a whole heaping of Italian food, smells like hair gel and has a […]

So I’m back in Germany currently to visit my family and it has me reflecting on my high school’s environment compared to UTSA’s. I went to Kaiserslautern High School (no it’s not a german school, it’s an American DODDS school on a military base) and needless to say, sports are not a top priority there. […]

The Eyes of Texas are Upon us all now. In two years we take on the Burnt Orange and White. I’m unbelievably excited. I’m shaking, I’m close to tears, i called my dad. This is fantastic.   There is alot of ground our Bad Birds from Babcock need to make up, but if we can […]

Last night, UTSA Baseball beat ex-rival Lamar in fantastic fashion. We defeated the Cardinals 25-2.   You read that right folks, TWENTY-FIVE TO TWO.   It got so bad that we were asked to stop with our traditional nonsense because it would be mean to continue. But it’s hard to keep a Bad Bird down. […]

Athletic Director Scott Woodward has announced his departure from Texas A&M and will be heading back to his alma mater Louisiana State University. His absence has left Aggie fans wondering what will be the future of Jimbo Fisher, considering the two’s history. Woodward initially hired Jimbo after his decade long run as head coach for […]

Baylor University women’s basketball team has claimed their third National Championship, beating Notre Dame 82-81. The Baylor Bears went into the tournament as the number one seed, being led by coach Kim Mulkey, who has been the head coach for all three of Baylor’s National Championship titles. This win has made Kim Mulkey the third […]

Last night in the middle of a pure demolishment of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles by our beloved UTSA Roadrunners some USM fans were getting a little peeved at me on twitter.   Essentially they were mad because I wouldn’t stop yelling during the game, stuff about our broadcast, and because they were getting bullied […]

All Hands On Deck Folks. The time is now. The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend. Tonight the Enemy of my Enemy (Old Dominion) is the Purdue Boilermakers. So Choo Choo Purdue all the way to victory.   For the next few hours I’m as big a Purdue fan as anyone. I’m a loud […]

“Consider a full-time unpaid internship that requires 1-4 years of participation, with a minimum 40-hour work week. This internship generates millions of dollars for your company, and billions of dollars for the broadcasting companies that cover your industry. Within this internship, you risk your short-term and long-term health on a daily basis. You endure this […]

San Antonio, Texas – The San Antonio Commanders have waived the college allocation rights of quarterback Johnny Manziel, announced general manager Daryl Johnston. “We have decided not to exercise our rights to sign Johnny Manziel as a San Antonio Commander,” said Johnston.   “When I took this job as general manager of the Commanders there […]

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