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Very nice 3-0 day last night with my selections, lets hope to continue the magic.   Jazz +1.5 vs Rockets- I have been particularly interested in this Jazz team, they have a great mix of youth and solid NBA talent. Willie Reed and Tony Bradley have both been big factors down low as the elder […]

Another day of Summer League, another day of picks. I didn’t love the card yesterday as I only had one pick and it crashed and burned with the hopeless Knicks. Even with a full team against a Raptors team playing a back to back they couldnt get it done only shooting 34 percent and had […]

We are only 3 games into the NBA Summer League, but there are a few guys who are making the best of the time in Sin City. Summer League is like any other preseason, it’s a fight to make a team or a contract for most. Unfortunately for a lot of casual NBA fans, the […]

We all miss basketball right? Well, I guess we miss anything that isn’t baseball so don’t worry for too long, the NBA Summer League is back and its going to be exciting. Let me get you ready for it… This year, 2 international teams will be featured and I love it… Team Croatia and Team […]

NBA free agency is looming and all of us are excited. This is what my team needs to look like next year. I’ve been vocal about things this team has been unable to do and the void they have at certain positions. Obviously Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons will be returning and with both players, […]

What in the world is going on in the NBA these days? LeBron James reportedly is giving up his jersey number to Anthony Davis as some sort of tribute I guess for his participation in Space Jam 2 apparently? Also here’s the real kicker Anthony Davis waived his 4 million dollar trade kicker in order […]

Just because its the middle of the summer, doesnt mean we can’t talk about college hoops.. It’s a year round thing! I already loved Florida coming into 2019/2020, but now I adore them. On Wednesday night the Gators landed 6’10 big man Kerry Blackshear who has been playing at Virginia Tech. Last year he averaged […]

A coworker of mine recently published a blog stating that UTSA should consider moving on from Coach Henson and pursue the slimy ball of gunk that is Rick Pitino. This is the most violently stupid take I’ve seen in a very long time. UTSA does not need to worry about gaining national attention or being […]

LOSER- The NBA Draft Viewer- Let’s be honest about last night, the broadcast was a complete mess. Let’s start with the people on it. I’m good with Rece Davis, he occasionally has a good one liner and he actually is pretty knowledgeable. Bilas knows a ton, has a wide knowledge of the players and he […]

Welcome to the Opinion Island. This is a place where I, Jose Bouquett (@josebouquett) will write out some random sports takes that I genuinely believe and hope with each inch of my body will happen. The first island we travel to has a whole heaping of Italian food, smells like hair gel and has a […]

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