Broke and in love: Five Cheap Valentine Date Ideas

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Broke and In Love: Five Cheap Valentine Date Ideas with Boma Muaka


Ahh, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Who’s ready to spend copious amounts of money and gift their significant others with flowers, jewelry, stuffed animals, heart-shaped chocolate, lingerie, balloons, those Hallmark cards that sing when you open them and fancy dinner dates? If you are like me, you loathe February 14th because your pockets are still trying to recover from the fiasco known as Christmas that took place 51 days prior. But don’t worry, my fellow broke people. I got your back. I’ve compiled a list of 6 fun, simple and romantic dates that won’t make you break the bank.


  1. A home-cooked dinner – Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, so you already know restaurants are going to be jam-packed, plus it’s kind of a basic move. So why not forego the large crowds and expensive entrees and cook at home? (Sure you could order out, but cooking is much more intimate.) Make a date out of it. Go to the grocery store together, decide on a recipe, grab some wine, head back to the crib and start cooking. Spaghetti would be something ideal. It’s simple but it’s enough work for two people, plus it’s romantic as fuck, ever seen lady and the tramp? Spaghetti, a nice salad, and some wine and boom, romantic dinner. (Light a candle if you’re trying to set the ambiance)
  2. Movie night – Netflix and chill, Disney plus and thrust, Hulu and do you? Haha kidding, but movies at home is a classic and tie in perfectly with a home-cooked dinner listed at #1. At your disposal there are so many streaming services to choose from, why not grab some popcorn and movie snacks and watch some sappy chick flick or some cringe-worthy horror movie?
  3. Museum date –If you’re into the artsy-fartsy stuff San Antonio has a bevy of great museums to check out. Most cost under $15 for admission, but if you want to forego spending any money I’d suggest heading to Ruby City. This brand-new contemporary art museum is located minutes away from Southtown and is FREE. Take your time walking through the various exhibits and enjoying art from all over the world while soaking up some culture.
  4. Walk in the park – Like museums, there are also many parks located across the city. If the weather is nice not enjoy a day outside? Play some frieze, have a pick-nick, go on a nature walk, take some candid photos and just enjoy the open air. There’s a cozy little area across from Ruby City called Chris Park that’s full of bamboo, art installations, and foliage which just screams romantic.
  5. Game night- Member arcades? Sure, in 2020 they’re a bit of a dying breed, but there’s something so nostalgic about going to an arcade with $10 in quarters and spending hours upon hours playing video games and skee ball. An arcade date is sure to bring out your competitive side which is always fun. A quick Google search will point you towards the best spots in the city. Slackers is a full-on arcade bar, go grab some drinks and battle it out in Mortal Kombat, loser buys the next round.
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