Bring Me Bevo: UTSA Schedules 5 Games with The University of Texas at Austin

by Taco Joe
The Eyes of Texas are Upon us all now. In two years we take on the Burnt Orange and White. I’m unbelievably excited. I’m shaking, I’m close to tears, i called my dad. This is fantastic.
There is alot of ground our Bad Birds from Babcock need to make up, but if we can just take one win in Austin I’ll be vindicated.
I want Texas. I want a big ole medium rare Bevo Rib-eye. I want Bright Orange and Blue to rain down from the skies like confetti during Fiesta. In the words of the immortal T-Shirt that the UTSA Book Store once printed. “I’d rather be lost in San Antonio than found in Austin”
Birds Up, Horns Down. Go Runners.
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