Borderlands 3: Review

by Pub Sports Radio

Howdy vault hunters! It’s now been a few days since the game was officially released. Meaning I spent probably more time playing than thinking about school (don’t be like me, be a good noodle)

Any-who, time for my opinions and review.

Right off the bat, the graphics are the best they’ve ever been, the cell shading is crisp and you can easily make out the simplest little details. The soundtrack is fitting and great, but then again borderlands has always had great music.
I’ve only made it to level 20 and have played co-op the entire time, but the co-op sessions are more fluid and easier to manage. Load times are definitely shorter so you’re going in and out of different maps easily.

A friend and I have been playing as both Moze and FL4K which turned out to be a decent combo. Moze’s mech the Iron Bear, tanking it’s easy, especially when you figure out the right skill tree set up. Moze’s skills are unique because you aren’t limited to one tree. Iron bear gets two separate weapons to use depending on which tree you pick.

I’m currently running demolition woman and endless mags, which gives iron bear both a grenade launcher and flame thrower.

Add that with FL4K’s various creatures and you have a deadly team set up.

As promised there’s an amazing amount of weapons to find and buy, with higher rates of epic, and legendary drops. By the time I reached chapter 9 I had a full epic set up, and found several skins and heads for Moze.

I’m still early on in my gaming sessions for this game but from what I’ve accomplished I can confidently recommend this game. Now granted I’m also a long time fan of the franchise but Borderlands 3 truly knocked it out of the park.

I’m not going to talk about the story and plot just yet since it literally just came out Friday and I’m still playing the main game, but from what I’ve experienced thus far, this game is going to be full of plenty of twists and surprises.

I highly recommend checking out, and maybe getting it for yourself.


-Rebekah Pol

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