BMOC Summer League Plays For Friday 7/12/19

by Pub Sports Radio Admin
Today the Summer League takes a turn. 8 teams move on to a bracket style tournament to determine the winner, while the other 24 teams take part in a consolation game that will conclude on Friday and Saturday. The final 8 will begin play again on Saturday. For today, I am tip toeing lightly through these consolation games as I see how teams approach them. I must see where motivation lies and how its handled. Saturday will be a big day, but for today slow and steady. One play for me…
Raptors -1.5 vs 76ers- I would expect the big players for Philly to sit in a meaningful game in Thybulle and Zhaire Smith. I like what i’ve seen late in the Summer League in some of these back end guys for Toronto. Malcolm Miller, Terrance Davis, Jordan Loyd and Dewan Hernandez have been good and I expect we get good effort out of the those guys looking to try and turn some heads in the finale. Off chance, maybe we even get Chris Boucher for Toronto who has been one of the best players in the entire Summer League which would just be a bonus. Either way I like the Raptors here to finish out in style.
Stay tuned.. the next couple of day are going to be a big days in Summer League. The calm before the storm. See you Saturday.
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