I’ve had an idea. I’m going to start a blog series about times that the Philadelphia Eagles do things that are dumb, embarrassing, and just all around bad. They are a low tier organization and they should be exposed as such.
So for the first edition of this fantastic idea of mine, I decided to write about Philadelphia BEGGING to join the fun on Thanksgiving for a change.
“To continue the annual tradition of having Dallas and Detroit play on Thanksgiving, provided that one of those clubs host a home game with the other club playing away, and alternating home and away games each subsequent season.”
They asked the NFL to take away our Thanksgiving Home game because they feel left out of the fun. They state this under the guise of “Its an unfair advantage to know when you have a home game before anyone else.” Anyone with logic will understand that this move is trying to take some of our spotlight, which just isn’t going to happen.
They probably don’t know that back when the agreement was made in the 60’s the league opened it up to every team. All the teams had the opportunity to play in perpetuity on Thanksgiving day and every team but Dallas (Detroit had already made this deal some years before) said no. The only people that the Eagles have to blame for them not playing on that beautiful autumn day is themselves.
They’re tired of us having all the attention, the press, and all the headlines. They want to feel important, they want to be recognized as a blue blood in the NFL, but they just aren’t. Only Dallas San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and New England can claim that title. They want people to talk about them the way they do us. When you think about it, its kind of sad.
If fans where the ones doing this, I’d almost respect the move, but the fact that its members of the “Proud” Philadelphia Eagles front office is just humiliating. This is a sad, LOSER move, and Eagle’s fans should be hang their heads in shame.
The real kicker is that THEY RETRACTED THE PROPOSAL. If you’re going to complain about not getting to play with the big boys, at least stick to your guns Philly! Have a backbone and stand by your actions. As embarrassing as making the proposal was, retracting it is worse.
We occupy so much of their head space that they can’t even celebrate a national holiday without complaining how much people love us. We are the Kings of this league if they like it or not, and complaining to Goodell isn’t going to change a decades long American tradition. They are Black Friday fights. We are Thanksgiving dinner. They are dumpster fires. We are The Stars and Stripes. They are greasy sandwiches and cheap snow-cones. We are Barbecue and Apple Pie. They are the Philadelphia Eagles: a second rate franchise at best. We are the Dallas Cowboys; We are America’s Team.
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