Bill Miller’s Unveils New Mascot Sweetie, and It’s Awesome

by Taco Joe

Henry the Puffy Taco, Tori the Tower, H-E-Buddy, and now Sweetie the Sweet Tea. In a town full of non-sports-related mascots a new cartoony inanimate object joins the scene. Sweetie’s friendly, Sweetie’s cool, and most of all as sweet as a gallon of Bill Miller’s famous Sweet tea. It’s Sweetie the Sweet Tea.

It’s a shame Corona-world is the time period that Sweetie makes it’s debut in because, in any other time, it’s arrival would be held at a sold-out game at Nelson Wolff field accompanied by the likes of Henry The Puffy Taco, H-E-Buddy, Tori The Tower, Rowdy The Roadrunner and Rattler Man The St Mary’s mascot. But alas, a few pictures from the SA Current and an Instagram post on Bill Miller’s Instagram page is all Sweetie gets. (Along with a small celebration at the Flying Chanclas game, but that isn’t the kind of fanfare Sweetie deserves).

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